For nearly 30 years, Walden Security has provided armed and unarmed integrated security services for commercial and government properties.

Like many of their employees at every level of the company, Walden is recognized for industry-leading excellence. That means they hold themselves to the highest standards.

And THAT means their operating procedures must be, well, similarly excellent. They are indeed – believe me – as is the all the other material that I’ve helped them with: employee handbooks, feature articles, leadership bios, employee spotlights, and more.

Walden Security copywriting


Derek is my go-to writer when I need words. I’ve worked with Derek on many projects for multiple organizations for more than ten years. He’s developed 200+ page SOPs for serious security operations, written fun and creative website copy for edgy retailers, and helped my teams with everything in-between.

He approaches each project with the company’s broader business needs in mind, asks tough questions that ensure we’re getting what we need (not just what we want!), and goes all in as if our company was his own. I give Derek my highest recommendation–present him with any writing challenge and he will impress you with his results!”

Lauren Tudor
Executive Vice President – Sales and Marketing

Walden Security

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Velo Solar

Get to know an entrepreneurial renewable energy company that’s strongly rooted in Georgia and connected to its capital. Quickly grasp and help them develop their burgeoning brand voice. Dissect their unique, 3-tiered scalable energy solution.

Now, express all that (and more) in a fresh new website that will help their business grow now and help the industry do the same.

All in a day’s work. Well, all in under 60 days…even less if you account for Nov/Dec/Jan holidays we worked around.

Velo Solar copywriting