My father was an accomplished life-long school teacher; my mother ran a home-based after school program and was a teacher in her own right. I guess it’s understandable why I’m drawn to clients who educate.

The Waldorf School of Atlanta is no exception. This place has my heart. And my copy.

In support of WSA’s marketing efforts, I’ve always sought to balance the business need with the school’s mission “…to develop in its students the will to become life-long learners by fostering in each student the ability to think with clarity, feel with compassion, and act with purpose in the world.”

Warm and fuzzy doesn’t readily lend itself to dollar-driven marketing material.

But I made it work, like the first year the school set an Annual Fund target of $100,000 – quite a lofty goal based on years passed, and compounded by the fact that many WSA families rely on financial aid.

Yet, like Paul says here, more families than ever participated, and the school surpassed the goal by 16%. That says a lot about the campaign’s copy, perhaps, but it says much more about the community that made it happen.

Waldorf brochure copywriting


The benefit that Derek brought to our fundraising campaign in the form of imaginative and witty writing was absolutely invaluable. He was able to capture the thoughts and ideas of the committee and creatively customize them for our very unique audience. Because of his expert communications, we were able to increase community participation and surpass our monetary goal by 16 percent.”

Paul McClendon
Director of Development