Working with Emory University’s Goizueta Business School, I’ve been fortunate to write a ton of web content, ads, articles, and more.

One of the bigger “More” projects is Goizueta Beyond – a massive (marketing) crescendo leading up to school’s centennial in 2019. For this, I’m interviewing some stellar alumni, faculty, students, and staff – crafting many of the 100 profiles that reflect 100 years of excellence in business education.

The articles explore how members of the Goizueta community define success in their own way. Hometown heroes like Qaadirah Abdur-Rahim, CEO of the Future Foundation. Globally renowned faculty like Jagdish “Jag” Sheth. And Abbey Kocan, Executive Director of Kupona Foundation.

Read about them and more on the microsite.

Goizueta Business School


“In my nearly 20+ years of marketing experience, I have learned the importance of a good writer. A good writer is capable of taking the concepts and random musings of a good idea and adding the fluidity, personality and punch to make it beautiful.

Derek is one of those writers. His sense of timing and turn of phrase allow the work my team does to be that much more effective.  He is chameleon in his ability to reflect his audience and clients, so the work always feels in our voice.  He also knows where to push back where an idea derails or fill in the gaps on one that’s lacking. His writings give our projects a due north.

He has been instrumental in framing our narratives, writing our features, and highlighting our great community. Those spotlighted in his work are always pleased, which in turn makes my job even easier.

Over several years, dozens of initiatives and too many brainstorming sessions to count, he has been an integral part of bringing to life some of Goizueta’s best deliverables.

I’d have him on my own team in a heartbeat, but definitely consider it a pleasure anytime I get to work with him.”

Angela Bostick
Chief Growth Officer

Goizueta Business School, Emory University