I never thought I’d earn a living from a Big Four professional services firm like EY, but I did – twice. (I also never thought I’d work at a package store either, but that’s a tale for another time.)

I’m what EY calls a Boomerang, someone who returns to the firm after leaving once already. And not just because you forgot your red Swingline® stapler.

During my combined 7+ years, I focused on both internal and external communications, using words to create, well, dang near everything it seems: feature articles, social media, thought leadership, ads (print and digital), emails, promotional materials, live events, websites, microsites, outtasites, speeches, video scripts…oh, and EY’s first global newswriting training.

EY provided incredible opportunities to hone – and explore – my craft. What I’m even more grateful for is how it opened my eyes wider to certain topics, which still today I seek to write about because they’re important to me personally: sustainability, non-profits, innovation, diversity AND inclusion, and (as a solopreneur myself) entrepreneurship.

EY Emerging Leaders Summit


“Derek has written content for speeches, live recruiting events, videos and other channels through which we reach (primarily) campus recruits. He has an excellent grasp of our audience, not because he’s unusually hip (true) but because he asks the right questions. The ones that begin with “what if” are my favorite, because this is how he pushes creative boundaries and institutional thinking to help us inspire recruits and ignite loyalty and passion for what we do and the career possibilities at EY.

His creativity is nuts with nuts on top—but it’s always connected to the business need. And our audience at EY is different than most. We’re a B2C function inside a B2B company, and yet Derek is able to switch gears when it comes to tone, voice and content, effectively making our brand vital and meaningful to the people we hope join us.

He’s collaborative and co-creative and skillfully integrates into our team and our recruiting clients’ teams—always with a positive attitude and a sense of humor that makes working with him a true pleasure.”

Erin Maxin
Global Employment Brand Leader and high-heel wearer



“When we launched our framework for career, development and performance, we knew the importance of having informative and engaging communications. Quite a challenge! Derek’s role was vital to ensuring that our messaging was clear and consistent. That’s what he delivered, but that’s not all.

Our creative and memorable communications reached approximately 250,000 professionals across our global organization in a succinct and engaging way.

Beyond his commitment to quality and collaboration, Derek brings levity to each project. It’s never an end unto itself — he just loves what he does, and it comes through in every word.”

Matt Gilbert
Associate Director, Internal Communications