Forget what you read on the landing page…maybe this is about me after all. A bit.

The World’s First ProFUNssional Copywriter
That’d be me, Derek D. Hambrick. Pleased to meet you.

With a respectful nod to The Man in Black, I walk the line between the professional and the personal – creating content and copy that do the same.

Derek Donald Hambrick

Put best by a long-term client…

“I appreciate the formality and, at the same time, friendliness of this note. And of all the correspondences we’ve had to date. It is a key part of your talent — your ability to make people comfortable with your words. It has definitely not gone unnoticed in your recent work, which has been magnificent.”

While the emphasis is mine, I hadn’t thought of my skills in quite the way that Angela expressed them. (Thanks, Ang! You, too, have a way with words.)

I reread that paragraph a few times and thought to myself, “Self, it’s true. That’s what I do.” Who knew?

Lots of people as it turns out.

Credibility, meet creativity

I’ve always sought to craft content at the intersection of creativity and credibility. And clients big and small, both buttoned-up and bodacious, have sought me out because of it.

They appreciate the efficacy of messaging that’s both professional and personal – that informs as it engages customers and prospects, stakeholders and employees. Because they see results.

cantilever line

For EY, I took the concept of what a Big Four professional services firm is and expressed it to fit a younger generation’s idea of the ideal employer.

And I told it truthfully through recruiting events, video, mainstage speaker notes, and more.

Mo’ engagment, mo’ candidates.


“His creativity is nuts with nuts on top – but it’s always connected to the business need.”

Erin Maxin, EY Global Employment Brand Leader and high-heel wearer

For FORM{yoga}, a local yoga studio, I expanded the studio’s tagline, “We laugh. We fall. And sometimes we curse.” and expressed it through social media, blogs, print ads, web copy, newsletters, and email.

The enhanced brand resonated with its community and helped grow its membership.

Oh, and can’t forget the “WTFaq” section!


“He brings so much clarity, energy and wit.”

Mandy Roberts, Owner


Brands ain’t binary

No matter where your organization falls along the Professional-Personal Spectrum, I can help you like I’ve helped them.

Not really sure what mix fits your brand best? That’s not really a problem at all, because I can help you find it. (Think of me as Waze for your brand, just with more options and fewer detours.)

Simply put, I dig brand.

Exploring it.
Refining it.
Expressing it.

As a lead copywriter on global ad campaigns.
As a strategist to startups and entrepreneurs.
As a content writer supporting non-profits.

If it’s brand related, lemme at it. Like chocolate, I’ll take it in just about any form. And while you can’t take your chocolate back, you can bet I’ll take your brand further.

This is all about we

I guess this About Me page is as much about what I can do for you as it is about that ProFUNssional I mentioned.

In a roundabout way, that makes it an About Us page…maybe?

Now, it isn’t that I’m boring or there’s not much to share about me*. It’s just that you’ve gotten this far because you want help…

  • Achieving a goal
  • Overcoming a challenge
  • Getting stuff done – and done well

So what can I do for you? Let’s talk about it.

Schedule a call with me

Even if you’re not sure what you need, we can talk about that, too.

Aaaannnnnnd, even if it turns out I’m not the right person to help you, I happily help you find the right person. Why’s that?

Help me help you

Because I want to help, that’s why. Because “Work hard. Be nice.” is my personal M.O. in my profession and my personal life.

It’s an expression of kindness. It’s the reason I’m here, IMHO. It’s what I’m all about.

And not to get all woo-woo, but I believe that’s what it’s all about.

That and the hokey-pokey.

If this resonates with you (and even if it doesn’t), reach out. Let’s see what we can make happen together.

Srsly, let’s connect

*Just ask me about breaking an arm (my own) in a Muay Thai tournament, the distinctly southern name my parents had picked out for me were I born female, and why everything I do is really all about C & G, my joie de vivre.